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Your Source for Personal Growth

Mission Statement: We are dedicated to providing quality treatment and intervention services to individuals struggling with mental health symptoms within the community, with pride and integrity. Our core values are based on empathy and compassion, whereas our goal is to foster a safe space while promoting positivity and developing a healthier mental health lifestyle.


The Grand Rising Respite facility will resolve the lapse in services for individuals during a crisis by offering intervention services in both residential and outpatient settings. These services will empower and generate healthy coping mechanisms for daily functionality, providing coping mechanisms to better handle mental health illnesses and/or daily life stressors. Moreover, the Grand Rising Respite facility assists caregivers who are in need of support with respite for loved ones with mental illness by offering short-term residential care. The objective is to arrange opportunities for individuals with mental illness to interact and engage with others whilst preparing them for success in their transition back into the community. 

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